Monday, December 14, 2009

Season's Greetings

DEX HOLIDAY CARD, originally uploaded by DEX New York.

Make 2010 be about making up up healthy, glamorous, and gorgeous!

DEX New York Cosmetics
The Evolution of Mineral Makeup


Sunday, December 13, 2009

DEX Special Holiday Hours

DEX holiday hours, originally uploaded by DEX New York.

We look forward to making your holiday season bright!

Happy Holidays,


Thursday, December 3, 2009


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Discover your inner beauty

Discover your true inner beauty with the Psychic Blowout by Scott Wasserman - the Cosmic Cosmetologist. Along with his superb skills as a master hair stylist, his training as a Reiki Healer, his lifelong connection with the Tarot, he is able to help you see beyond your outer appearance and tap into something much more powerful - true beauty in a different light.

The service includes:
Reiki Scalp Massage
Tarot Card Reading

Duration: 1.5 hrs.

Cost: $150

As seen at The Daily Beauty Suites during NYC Fashion Week.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nailing It!

M2M Natural Nail Care fall '09 collection features bold colors, and it's one of my favorite things in nail beauty this season.

Brought to you by founder/celebrity manicurist Myrdith Leon - McCormick, it is a line within damoreJon, a new, natural nail care system. Each shade is named after a celebrity that Myrdith has painted, and a portion of the proceeds is donated to aiding the people of her beloved homeland, Haiti. I Love it!

Inspired, and charitable. Now, that's good character.

What I really like about it, is that its Natural and colorful all at the same time - similiar to the DEX New York mineral makeup philosophy that natural doesn't have to be neutral.

Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP free.
$15 bottle

Available at DEX New York Studios - 224 W. 30th Street NYC 212.643.3188

About Myrdith Leon-McCormick:
Myrdith has worked with high profile stars such as Vivica A. Fox, Kate Hudson, Umma Thurman, Jill Scott, Jennifer Lopez, and Sarah Jessica Parker. She was also the manicurist on ad campaigns for renown brands like L'Oreal Paris, MAC, Maybeline, De Beers Diamonds, and Estee Lauder, and worked with a host of famous designers like Vera Wang, Carolina Herrara, Anne Barge, and Zac Posen. In 2008, the beauty guru decided it was time to create something of her own, which led to the launch of M2M Natural Nail Care by damoreJon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Get wiggy with it!

Once upon a time, wigs were comical. You couldn't get away with them unless you were a grande dame like Joan Collins or Diana Ross. But today, weaves and hairpieces are the coolest hair trend.

At DEX New York Studios you can find a plethora of lace-front wigs, weaves, extensions and different colored hairpieces, to augment your tresses with the looks of Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Nicole Kidman, or Sarah Jessica Parker to name a few.

It's the norm today, and smart ladies are coming to DEX and having hairpieces woven or clipped in, to give them long, sleek tresses or extra va-va voom volume.

According to Naomi Porto - my senior stylist at DEX, "In our beauty atrium we're usually asked to create fuller-looking hair rather than to add length - people are moving away from the 'Wag' look of long, overly-glossy hair. We often have people ask us to fit a lace-front before their Saturday night out."

Of course, you can go the Lady Gaga route and wear a dramatic fake. But these days the cleverest weaves are impossible to spot.

"There are a million things you can do," says Scott Wasserman, Hair Expert at DEX New York Studios.

"If you look at Beyoncé or Tyra Banks, you can get amazing lace-front wigs. They look like a gauze and you stick them on, so you can't tell it's a wig, even when it blows back."

The best thing about the lace-front wigs and weaves is you don't have to spend two years growing your hair out after a shocking cut. And, now you have many options to play with.

Ladies, it's time to have fun again!

Stay Beautiful,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Luxury Home Spa

The NuSkin Galvanic Spa System II is one of my favorite beauty tools, ever. It's like having your own day spa at home.

For more than 50 years, spa and salon professionals have used gentle galvanic currents in customized treatments to refresh and energize the skin. These treatments, through a gentle massaging action, help to focus cellular energy and enhance circulation. Now, why not do it yourself for half the price, and get long-lasting results.

How does a Galvanic Treatment work?
  • During the Pre-treat cycle, the Galvanic instrument and the Pre-Treat Gel are negatively charged
  • These negative charges repel each other, driving the Pre-Treat Gel into the skin.
  • The Pre-Treat Gel binds to impurities deep in the skin.

  • During the Treatment cycle, the Galvanic instrument and the Treatment Gel are positively charged
  • These positive charges repel each other helping to deliver the beneficial ingredients to the skin, including the exclusive ageLOC ingredient blend.
  • The positively charged instrument attracts the remaining negatively-charged impurities from the Pre-treat cycle, drawing them out of the skin.

Key Benefits:
The Nu Skin® Galvanic Spa® System II is Affordable. Compared to thousands of dollars you would spend monthly for traditional galvanic treatments at Spa Centers, the Galvanic Spa System is a cost-effective investment. This portable instrument allows you to enjoy a spa treatment at home. It rejuvenates skin, revitalizes your scalp, and renovates your body.

Available for retail at DEX New York - Coming Soon.
Perfect Holiday gift to yourself or loved one.

Please email for demo.

Stay Beautiful,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sexy Socialite: How to get the look

This Sexy Socialite look took inspiration from Loris Diran’s Fall ’09 runway collection – reminiscent of the boy meets girl in Gotham era. It’s sophisticated, but not uptight. To set an era specific makeup mood, the color palette is made up of dark smoldering colors and pearlescent tones - very sexy with a hint of drama.

The Look:
False lashes are placed on the top of the lash line. Wall Street Onyx Pressed Eye Shadow is used in the crease to create depth in the eye. Empire State Platinum Pressed Eye Shadow is used on the lid to create a smoky effect. Wall Street Onyx is used again on the bottom lash line as eyeliner to create a dramatic effect. This is the sexy part of the look. Rockefeller Gold Pressed Eye Shadow is on the brow bone for highlighting the eye. Skin is made flawless with a signature blend of Mineral Loose Foundation, Mineral Tinted Hydrator, and Mineral Glow to give the skin a youthful glow. Atop the glowing blend, apply a gentle sweep of Mineral Finishing Powder for a soft look. Cheeks are contoured with Dune Beach Dark Pressed Bronzer. Lips are pouted with Amsterdam Ave Ginger and Central Park West Guava Lip Gloss.

Created by: John Henry, DEX New York Cosmetics National Makeup Artist.

How To:

* Apply DEX Mineral Illuminator to cover any imperfections.
* Create Mineral blend using 2-dime size scoops DEX Mineral Loose Foundation, 2-dime size scoops of DEX Mineral Glow, and 3 pumps of DEX Mineral Tinted Hydrator to create flawless, glowing skin.
* Mix Blend in a small soap dish using DEX Camouflage Foundation Brush.
* Use DEX Camouflage Foundation Brush to apply blend all over face.
* Using DEX retractable Kabuki Brush, gently sweep DEX Mineral Finishing Powder atop of blend all over face.
* Again using DEX retractable Kabuki Brush, dust DEX Mineral Pressed Bronzer from apples of cheeks to ears for contour.

* Use DEX Eye Contour Brush to apply Empire State Platinum Mineral Pressed Eye Shadow to lids, blending up to eye crease.
* Use DEX Eye Crease Brush to apply Wall Street Onyx Mineral Pressed Eye Shadow in the crease of the eye, from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye.
* Line lower lash line with Wall Street Onyx, using DEX Angled Eye Liner Brush wet.
* Use DEX Eye Contour Brush to apply Rockefeller Gold Mineral Pressed Eye Shadow on the brow bone, blending to lift the eye.
* Apply a set of medium faux eyelashes to top lash line. Then apply your favorite brand of voluminous mascara to top and lower lash line for sexy drama.

* Apply a generous amount of DEX Lip Gloss Amsterdam Ave Ginger and Central Park West Guava to lips.

Sexy Socialite – Fall ’09 Runway Look
Buy The Look

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beauty with benefits

DEX New York is now officially staying open late every Thursday night till 11PM. Fun!
It gets better. You can enjoy cocktails, gourmet snacks, and listen to great music. Getting glammed up and having fun all at the same time, Who knew?

We are also offering complimentary makeup applications (with purchase of any product or hair services) for those who are heading out for a night out on the town - a perfect girls night out!

If you are a current client or become a new client at DEX, you will have the opportunity to receive double beauty points for referring your friends. Now thru 12/31/09 each referral is 700 pts, valued at $70, and good for the purchase of products and services (inquire further about rules and details).

So, if you've never been to DEX, you ought to check it out. It is the most unique beauty experience in New York City.

Stay beautiful,

Monday, October 19, 2009

Nouvelle African Beauty

The first-ever mineral makeup line to produce foundation shades for women of rich color. It's Highly pigmented, Hypoallergenic, Paraben Free, long-wearing, and formulated with our own signature peptide complex.

Yes, we got it right, says Dexter Phillip - Founder/CEO of DEX New York Cosmetics, Inc.

Check it out -

All New!
Mineral Loose Foundations - LF11 & LF12
The Richest Shades Available in the mineral beauty industry.

Model: Grace
Photography: Bell Soto

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Kiss of DEX: Fall '09 Beauty

One of Fall's Best sellers:
LK-06 Smith Street Rose - a rich, creamy color lipstick and protective treatment in one. Perfect for both naughty nights on the town, and after visits to the derm for some lip plumping action. It contains micro-bubble conditioners that continually releases, keeping lips soft and color fresh for hours. Gorgeous!!!

Love yourself. Be happy.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Smoky Eyes Blue: First Look for Fall '09 Beauty

This season DEX Modern Minerals serves up 80's glam - appropriately inspired by The Marc Jacobs runway collection.

Pictured here, I want the DEX gal to believe in the magic of color and the power of beauty. Opting for Eyes to be rimmed and smoked blue - which is our signature take on this seasons smoky eye.

Put your best face forward at
All palettes are customizable to whatever you desire to be your look for the season. Pick it, wear it, and refill it. voile!

Stay Beautiful & Be Happy!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Inside Scoop on Fall Runway Hair:

This season buns are twisted or wrapped at DEX New York with a casual touch - mostly on top of the crown area, lifting and bringing up the mood in a very bohemian feel - perfect for donning flawless bone structure.

For long hair, go with either super-straight or with some chunky waves. These are the two hottest options to stir up some action with this season, especially if you are feeling flirtatious!

Keeping up with the loosey goosey feel and uncomplicated hairstyles from last summer: For a short cut, medium to shoulder length is cool, but your best bet will be to go with the bob - a la Anna Wintour. It's back again, but with texture and lots of layers.

Anna Wintour
Editor in Chief of Vogue Magazine

Visit: DEX New York Studios for more inside tips on Fall Runway Hair
224 W. 30th Street . NYC . 212.643.3188

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fame. My Past, Present, and Future.

If I could ever go back to a time, it would be my High School days at the NYC High School for the Performing Arts - AKA the Fame School.

It was the energy, the drive, and passion for all things artistic and fabulous that made it one of the best learning institutions to attend for the arts. The lyric "I want to make it to heaven" was quite the feeling I got on a daily basis. And yes, I can certainly say today I have arrived.

Join us tomorrow for some glitz and glam before the first evening showing in NYC.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Model Behavior

America's Next Top Model
has taken its televised festival of model ferocity (and worship of all things Tyra - Halla!) to a new medium: The Printed Word. From pages filled with colorful images of the models that have walked Miss J's Runway to empowering advice on looking beautiful inside and out, this is a definitive guide to living "fierce." The Book has four sections: beauty, fashion, business, and modeling, all thick with do's and don'ts. You may not want to use the makeup tips, but who wouldn't want to know how to smile with your eyes?

Cost: $24.95,


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Get it Straight, not Twisted!

Girls with wavy, curly, course, or even damaged hair: Finally there is a solution for you! It's all the rage amongst celebrities, and DEX New York’s Beauty Atrium has got first dibs on introducing it to you. It's called the Moroccan Straightening Treatment – the new standard for straight hair.

This treatment will turn your ha
ir from drab to fab in less than 2 hours depending on the length of your hair. The best part is that it lasts up to 3 months! So no more weekly visits to your stylist for a $100 checkup. The Moroccan straitening treatment is it girls.

What is the Moroccan Straightening Treatment?
It is a revolutionary treatment - developed in Morocco (hello!) - that softens, smoothen, and most important gives you straight hair.

It does not contain any strong chemicals, to open and close the hair cuticle in an effort to straighten it, breaking the bonds of the hair shaft. Although, Keratin is the key ingredient – a natural substance, which comprises approximately 88% of your hair – Moroccan white clay and cocoa, which are associated with special bio-actives, also penetrates the hair repairing internal damage and coats the hair preventing further damage.

Key Ingredient: Keratin is a type of protein high in sulphur and the amino acid cystine, making it tough, elastic and insoluble. These qualities are fundamental to the strong structural role keratin often plays in nature. It is a major component of horns, hooves and wool. In fact, keratin is the main protective substance in our hair, skin and nails.

Reduces volume by 80-90% on average
Extremely Natural Looking
Intended for Professional Use Only
Product is imported Legally into USA, and complies with all FDA Regulations

Cost: $300 & up - depending on length of hair

Where: Exclusively @ DEX New York's Beauty Atrium - 212.643.3188

DEX On Location......

Having the opportunity to shoot our editorial styled projects on location is always a joy. As much as we love being at home in the studio, the architecture and setting of a sexy location makes a huge difference and sets a certain tone for the entire production team and models.

Here we shot our summer beauty exhibition at a sexy loft in Soho, NYC.

Photo: Thomas Cantley
Makeup: John Henry
Hair: Scott Wasserman

Exhibition to debut at
DEX New York Studios
July 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All New! Spring '09 Super Woman

Roberto Cavalli: The powerful woman
The eyes are smoked out to perfection, and the hair is sidewalk ready.
This season, its all about not making a fuss. Get it right the first time - tinted moisturizer with SPF, lip gloss with staying power, mascara, and killer pumps - out the door. Kick it up a notch for evening cocktails with DEX customizable beauty portfolio. Be fierce!!!! Your girlfriends will envy you.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Beauty Inspired by Art

DSC_0117, originally uploaded by j-No.

I was attending an art opening for Painter Robert Sagerman with my dear friend Kelby Brown. Inspiration for Fall '09 was abound.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Bankable Burrows Closes Fashion Week
DEX New York Studios
were transformed on Friday 2/20 -the close of
fashion week - as 150 fashionistas, 15 photographers morethan a dozen models and a bevy hair, makeup and styling professionals gathered to produce and experience Stephen Burrows’ ready to wear fashion collection for Fall, 2009. Inspired by the salon showings of days gone by, the Burrows team arranged a double runway inside DEX’s photo studio. The studio, with it’s white columns and 15 foot high ceilings offers an elegant setting for a fashion show – formal, yet elegant.

(right: Model Katie Rost led with a revealing Burrows belted jacket, and Rodney Keenan top hat)

(left: DEX New York Studios is transformed)

Burrows’ ready to wear fashions seemed timeless, drawing from styles of the 40’s and 50’s, the Mod 60’s, some 70’s glam and contemporary styles, all mixed together. Several were perfect for the 9 to 5 professional woman who wants to leave work directly to go out on the town, without sacrificing an ounce of glamour. Combinations of grey wool suits with sheer prints, burgundy leggings and sweaters with heart shaped appliqués were abound. Emerging model Anna Van Ravenstein (daughter of 70’s supermodel Pat Cleveland) brought drama to the runway, appeared in a camel colored trench coat, which, thrown aside, revealed a hot, sexy, sequined frock, ala Studio 54. Later, donning a super full black and white wool skirt, she produced a classic turn, skirts twirling in the air, and eliciting an audible gasp from an astounded audience.

And how about the hair!
DEX New York’s Naomi Porto styled swirling red, brown and blonde up-dos that
perfectly enhanced the Stephen Burrows looks. And of course, there was the makeup. Using DEX New York’s Modern Minerals, John Henry created eyes smoky and colorful (not to mention photogenic!) proving once again that natural, mineral makeup can be as fashion forward as it is good for the skin.

Rounds of applause and shouts of glee greeted the models’ final round along with Stephen Burrows himself, as the show (and Fashion Week) drew to a close. New Yorkers were treated to an exciting hour of a beautiful, tasteful fashion display.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change is Here, and it's Beautiful!

We at DEX New York are delighted to welcome President Elect Barack Hussein Obama into office as the first African-American President to lead the United States of America. It's a new day, and we are ready to celebrate history.

For starters, Mr. President is rumored to be wearing a Hart Schaffner Marx Tuxedo - Classic American suiting - to the inaugural ball. I love it!!!!!!

The editors at WWD got the scoop-down on what fashion statements they thought the First Lady Michelle Obama along with princess Sasha and Malia would be donning to the inaugural ball tonight. Designers such as Oscar de La Renta, Isaac Mizrahi, Monique Lhuillier and Bagdley Mischka all were amongst the many designers that submitted sketches to our new first lady.

Here's what some revealed. Take a look........

No matter the choice, America's New First Lady and her darlings are going to shut it down tonight.

Stay tuned. We'll have follow up coverage for you later this week.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Designing Woman - Spring '09

Carolina Herrera:
Let other designers batten down the hatches against the flagging economy. Carolina Herrera's customers have recession-proof portfolios, and if they don't, they're not going to let it show by dressing in any old thing. The show's color palette was of the "If you've got it, flaunt it" variety: bright persimmon paired with hibiscus, teal faille trimmed in tweed, a marigold photo print. Black and white also played starring roles. Compared to her recent collections, embellishments had been scaled back; Spring is all about the ruffle. As for the silhouettes, though, they were designed for cocktail hour and beyond (with a few exceptions for lunch at La Grenouille).

Simply gorgeous, darling!!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The All New Golden Girl

Go for gold in '09, brighten up your complexion with DEX New York's Mineral Glow. A Pearly, reflective veil floats over skin like “liquid light”. Mineral Glow keeps skin looking radiant, energetic and youthful throughout the day and evening. Infused with our Multi-Mineral Complex, known for its light-reflective and skin-protective properties. Conditions and protects skin with a potent blend of anti-oxidents, including Vitamins A and E, Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng Root Extracts.

Available in South Hampton Oyster for fair skin tones, and East Hampton Sand for olive to brown skin tones.

Shop Now! $30.00

Monday, January 5, 2009

Beyonce Salute's Babs

It's official, we are channeling Ms B. aka Sasha Fierce for 2009.

To kick off your first week back to the office, we're rewarding you with the last delicious bit of 2008. Beyonce wows the audience at the Kennedy Center Honors, and not only is her voice flawless but homage is paid with some 60's hair and over-sized diamond drop earrings: An era Ms. B recalls so eloquently.

Job well done!!!!!


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