Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5 Gorgeous Lip Colors for Fall 2013

DEX brings New York’s vivacity alive through his mineral makeup collection.

Rockaway's famous amusement park, Rockaways' Playland, was built in 1901 and quickly became a major attraction for people around the region. With its growing popularity, concern over swimming etiquette became a problem and early in 1904, the Captain of the NYPD, Louis Kreuscher, issued rules for those using the beach, censoring the bathing suits to be worn, where photographs could be taken, and specifying that women in bathing suits were not allowed to leave the beachfront.

 Myrtle Avenue was named for myrtle bushes that were found in the area. The street was graded and paved in 1839 from City Hall (now Borough Hall, of course) all the way to Nostrand Avenue.

 While Brighton Beach has transformed into a Russian immigrant stronghold and the resorts of Manhattan Beach have given way to private homes, the last remaining artifact of that bygone Victorian era is the boardwalk and the view of the ocean.

 Originally known as Crow Hill or Green Mountains due to its location atop a series of green hills, Crown Heights became more urban over the course of the 19th century as mansions and limestone row houses were constructed.

Crown Heights, located in Central Brooklyn, is a neighborhood rich in diversity and ripe with cultural fusion. Following the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation, African-Americans formed the free black communities of Weeksville and Carrville. These were two of the earliest communities of their kind and have long since been incorporated into neighboring Bedford Stuyvesant.

 Liberty Avenue, is a local station on the IND Fulton Street Line of the New York City Subway. It is served by the C train at all times except late nights when it is replaced by the A train. The exit is in the center with two stairways to a crossover to Liberty and Pennsylvania Avenues. Old signs indicate “To Manhattan” and “To Richmond Hill and Ozone Park” and “Public Telephone” (although there aren't any phones). At platform level there was a wide area under the stairways now used for storage.

This station was an unfinished shell during World War II that couldn't be finished because of material shortages from the war effort. This meant the station got a sightly different tile job and design for the mezzanine compared to the rest of the local stations along the line.

Featuring: Dex's Go Brooklyn! Lipstick Series
Price: $22

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

True or False #1: Chocolate gives you acne.


"Chocolate per se will not make you break out," says Dr. Shamban. "In fact, there is little evidence that chocolate or any specific fatty foods will cause acne, but we do know that a high-sugar/high-fat diet can increase sebum production and promote inflammatory responses in the body -- which can lead to acne. Again, although we can’t say that sugary and fatty food directly causes acne, it’s nevertheless true that overindulging in these kinds of food can increase your chances of developing the condition and may displace other nutrients that are critical to the skin’s health. (i.e. filling up on sugary foods may lead to less consumption of fruits and vegetables)."

 Good news, isn't it? Although until recently, the medical community dismissed the connection between diet and blemishes, new evidence shows that sugar and refined carbs do affect the skin and contribute to acne outbreaks. A diet low in both refined carbs and sugars helps reduce the amount of the androgens in the blood. A hormone that spikes prior to menstruation, androgen stimulates the glands in the skin to produce oil and,hence, zits in both sexes.

When choosing chocolate, opt for dark chocolate. It is lower in sugar and higher in antioxidants than milk chocolate. And one must add, eat chocolate in moderation. Those healthful benefits also come with a fair amount of calories.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Anti-Aging Peptide Complex

Features & benefits:

  1. Maximizes skin regenerative properties
  2. Clinically proven wrinkle reduction and skin brightening over 12 weeks
  3. Firms collagen and elastin
  4. Smooth photo-ready finish
  5. Improves overall skin health
  6. Non-irritating
  7. Non-sensitizing

The DEX peptide is a powdered complex that combines the matrix-fibroblast stimulation and collagen growth of palmitoyl hexapeptide-14 with plant derived fulvic acid, also known as peat extract to maximize the restorative powers of the skin’s extra-cellular matrix. It includes 24K colloidal gold to facilitate the electrolytic transfer between trace minerals and the skin’s natural metallic-based electrolytes. Further, the DEX peptide complex is a catalytic anti-aging complex especially designed to stimulate cellular turnover and improve skin appearance in all DEX powdered makeup applications.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Go Brooklyn! In Celebration of the VMA’s at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center...

The 30th annual VMAs will be the first major annual awards show to take place in Brooklyn. It will be first time in four years the VMAs have taken place outside Los Angeles. DEX New York pay tribute to this celebration in 5 brilliant colors.


Achieve long lasting color and maximum wear with this lush modern, stay-true matte lipstick.

 Keeps color fresh for hours while conditioning the lips with micro-bubbles.

 This lipstick is the perfect protective product to be use after dermatological procedures, such as lip collagen injections.

 The color shades are for the most part provocatively natural. Top the lipstick off with lip gloss for an alternative, more dramatic look.

 Ultra-brilliant formula delivers transparent high-shine. It is non-sticky, and contains Vitamin E and Vanilla Bean extract for a hint of fragrance. 


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